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Global TV Interview

"Killer CD by new supergroup Dirt Road Opera"

          Patricia Conroy, Hit songwriter and artist

"Seriously impressed by the new album. Sonically brilliant and the songs and performances are so right!"

          Jim Foster, Hit songwriter and artist

 “Dirt Road Opera are the most exciting thing I’ve heard in a very long time.  In these times where pressing the space bar gets passed off as talent, DRO deliver the real deal.  Great songwriting,  inspiring musicianship, and gorgeous harmonies combine to make DRO a world class package.”

          Rob Bailey, Musician, engineer and composer

If you need to call Nowheresville something I’d say country with glimpses of rock & roll… it’s music with deep, deep soul.  This feels like a combination of Blue Rodeo, Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Tom Petty and maybe Emmylou Harris filtered through early Steve Earle, and there’s a freedom in the songs that suggests the early to mid 70`s, when music genres were unimportant.
While each has their own style, sensibility and depth of expression they bring to the music, it’s perhaps together that they shine brightest, as audiences have come to appreciate.
Nowheresville by Dirt Road Opera is quite simply a collection of 12 superb songs that once again is destined to put a couple of familiar musical names back in the national spotlight.
Their timeless arrangements come equipped with twanging guitars, passionately poetic lyrics and stunning harmonies, culminating to create a welcome break from the arena-pop vibes of modern country music.
...engage the soul, and captivate the heart through voice, words, and music. And Dirt Road Opera does exactly that with Perfection, in more ways than one.
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