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  Guitar, mandolin, vocals

Mike "Mick" Brown, is a talented musician hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, He learned to play the banjo, mandolin and guitar from an old farmer who instilled in him a love for country music that has stayed with him ever since.

After honing his craft and playing in various bands around Winnipeg, Mike eventually made his way out west to the warmer climes of the sunny Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. It was in Kelowna where Mike's talents caught the attention of the members of Dirt Road Opera, a well-known alt/country band in the region. They were impressed by his versatility on multiple instruments and his ability to play a wide variety of roots and country styles.

Mike quickly became a key member of DRO, contributing his unique sound and style to the band's dynamic live performances and studio recordings. With his exceptional musical talent, vocal harmonies and unwavering dedication to the craft he is a perfect fit for the band.

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