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This song is for the "Hell or High Water" telethon, raising money for the victims of the floods and fires in BC in 2021. We wrote it for the folks of Lytton. 

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Dirt Road Opera’s music speaks for itself in a band with two JUNO nominees, both lead singers, and a multi-instrumentalist

Their songs encompass a variety of genres ranging from ballads like Hard to Find to the hillbilly rock of Nowheresville.


“I don’t try to write in any specific style,” says singer/songwriter Barry Mathers. “The songs let themselves in, hang around for a while, and then back out the door where the band takes over.”

Rachel Matkin is a gifted vocalist, singing professionally since the age of seven. Her stunning vocals have won numerous awards and praise from both critics and peers alike.


Multi-instrumentalist Robert Bailey brings his many talents to the band. Pedal steel, guitar, keyboards, bass, and banjo are all part of his musical arsenal.